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190E 2.3 A/C evaporator

I've got trouble with the A/C evaporator on my '93 190E 2.3 127kmi. I had the system converted from R12 to 134a in Feb this year, and all worked fine. But recently I noticed a "salty" smell coming from the vents. A check by my MB independent showed it was the evaporator that was leaking. He also went on to say that a proper 134a conversion would have replaced the evaporator, condenser, as well as the receiver/drier and expansion valve coz the "glue used hold the pipes together in the evap/condenser melt under 134a - newer units are resistant to that". Is this true?

OK - so now I look to replace the evaporator. Fastlane shows a list of $940. Phil says he can get other units for much less than that. But when I put this to my mechanic, I get nothing but doom and gloom stories about how "they won't last".

What have other members found in their experience with OEM or refurb evaporator units?
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