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High Tension wires on 2.6L 190E

Anyone know or does anyone have a diagram of how to correctly place and locate the spark plug / high tension wires under the plastic cover over the valve head? The other week I was nose'n around in the engine area and noticed the black plastic cover over the wires was lifted up a bit in the front. Naturally, I took the cover off and saw the snakes nest underneath the cover and figured I certainly could improve upon their location and get the plastic cover to fit better. You guessed it - I made it worse. Surely there is a proper layout for these wires. It's beyond me to figure it out. The car is a 1988 190E 2.6L with 240,000 miles (5 Speed).

BTW: my (original/silver) oil filler cap was misting the valve cover so I replaced it with a new MB one for around $8.00 (at the dealer: Brandywine in West Chester, PA) It is a very nice black filler cap that looks very good on the black valve cover and it helps distract your eye from the ill fitting black plastic spark plug wire cover.
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