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S 500 Rear Pass. Window Problem

My 1994 S-500 rear pass. window operates ok in normal or first detent mode. But in auto up the window stops around 2/3 up and then goes down slightly. I have tried resetting it according to the manual which says, push the up button and after the window closes hold the button for 2 seconds. This has not worked. I read a few other threads on similar problems and held the button for five seconds, both in the up direction and down direction. I also tried holding the button full down with same results. Does the fact that the window moves fine with the button held down to first pos. mean there is a calibration issue? Or could there be a component failure? The window move smoothly without binding or excessive noise when you put your ear to the door when raising it. The window also goes down in auto dn. fine. Car has only 11k miles.

Thanks to all
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