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K Juul
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pulling brakes

recently purchased '85 107. Pulls to the right on braking. Changed the pads, right front 7/8 gone, left 1/2. Action of calipers seems even with no binding. Flushed system. Still pulls, but not as bad. When I push on the pedal get initial pressure and then slight mush until firm pressure. Just like air is in system. I have bleed it twice, I really don't think it is air unless it is stuck in the ABS. Is there special procedures for bleeding this vintage of ABS? The CD doesn't mention one. Is the master cylinder failing? I have inspected the flex hoses, no balloons. I have not yet replaced them, but did not get significant debris or anything when flushing to think I have an internal problem with a hose. Tried all the tricks I know. Any thoughts appreciated.
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