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Originally posted by JWharton
No, that didn't tell me anything about what tranny I own. I guess my question is: Is it possible that an automatic trans from a 123 body style might fit in a 201? 1985 190e 2.3? They are both 6 bolts but I won't know until I drop the broken one and compare the two. I was really hoping someone could save me the comparison as I only have a limited time to return it.
That tells you that you own and need a 722.400 trans.
The 123 #'s you are looking at are part #'s , not trans #.
So just look at the next series of #s on the used trans you have and it will tell you if it is the same
722. XXX etc.

The numbers on on the case, right side, just above the pan gasket line, far foward .
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