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I don't know if you have seen these 2 threads on the m103 and m104 engine, but there are some valuable opinions in these threads from Techs.


104 eng. Bullit proof? or Prone to breaking down?

I believe the wiring harness issues started with the early 90 cars - I have not seen any late 80s w124 car owners discussing a wiring harness issue. AC r12 conversion issues, but not wiring. Unless you have a 4matic or 500E or TE with air suspension, that major potential cost is a non issue as well.

Also, the regular theme through the last 2 years on this board seems to be that the w124 cars are among the most reliable of the gasoline Benzes, and w123 diesels the reliability kings.

This Federal site on technical service bulletins is very useful as well.

Good luck on your quest.

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