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Originally posted by MikeTangas
Plus you have to remember there are now over 5400 members on this site alone. Just because there might be, say, 500 postings regarding bad head gaskets on any particular engine, that is still a very small percentage of the number manufactured. Not saying there aren't some documented cases of any particular problem, just that the percentage is skewed due to the relatively small gene pool you are looking at.
On the contrary, it is still a percentage of issues on the number of users online. If compared to similar results on other mfg boards then it is a fair comparison.

Can I hear something from a technician? He/She would be seeing any problems / issues on a regular basis. This would be less skewed then, I think.

Also, so far I haven't heard of anything short of valve job that I can't do myself. Am I missing something? Maybe the wiring harness? I asked that on the prior post though.

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