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Our high idle was persistent -- stable 600 RPM in gear stopped with brake on and steady 1100 RPM in park or neutral -- didn't seem related to any driving conditions.

My independent is very reliable and doesn't do additional work unless needed, so I assume that they checked the valve and found it needed replacement (I picked the car up after hours and haven't had the chance to discus it with them).

Our car was a low mileage (75,000 on an '88) grandparent's car which I'm going ahead and refurbishing all items as they come up since in addition to its being my 16-year old daughter's daily driver (high priority on reliability and safety), we use it for long distance family trips to keep the mileage down on our newer leased cars (like my C43 AMG) -- I'm willing to pay the price for certainty of reliability in such a solid, roomy cruiser -- they don't build 'em like the old 126s (tho I may trade up for a '98 or '99 140 in a couple of years).
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