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W124 E320 Head Gasket

I'm close to purchasing a '94 E320 Wagon (113k miles, all records, 1 owner car). The owner informs me that the head gasket was replaced just before the factory warranty expired (50k miles or thereabouts).

My question is this - are the head gasket problems with these cars recurring or were they limited to the factory installation? Stated differently - do I have to worry about head gasket problems if the replacement was done properly (it was done by a reputable local MB dealer)?

The owner states that there were no other major service items done during their ownership, like transmission, radiator, motor mounts, cooling system, etc. Mostly things like brakes, pads, fluids, etc. But the car appears to have been loved. I'm just woried about the big "gotcha" awaiting me if I buy. Thanks in advance.
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