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Transmission fluid purge?

On my 85 380 SE. Same sat idle for more than three years and I recently drained the trans and installed new filter and gasket kit. Fluid seemed quite clean and gasket looked new. Anyway, included with the kit were two small flat washers and one larger copper seal. Seeing no application for the aforementioned items I did what any novice/nitwit would do, I did not ask what they were for and completed the project without using them. Tranny shifted tons better than previous with the exception of a 2-3 flare. Today (2 weeks after change) after a short trip, I notice MAJOR trans fluid on ground, and after getting vehicle on ramps, I crawl under and inspect undercarriage. The rear passenger side of the trans pan was drooling fluid, and I mean drooling! Too late to do anything but put the drain pan beneath. Question-Is is possible to have incapacitated/disabled the trans gasket/seal by improper/ or too much torque ? If so, could this be the demon behind my problem? I had to walk away from it all and will get with it over the weekend. Thanks much
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