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Woozy handling at speed.

*/Hey guys. Here is the story, I really like my 92 300E, but there are a few things that it could use a little help with. One... if of course hp... the second... downforce. At speed (80+ mph) the car just starts floating all over the road, I don't feel comfortable at these speeds, as the car feels it could spin out at any moment. Is there anything I can do to increase the downforce at this speed? I know I could buy a spoiler... but I don't wan't to turn my sophisticated old world benz into a teutonic rice monster.... so yea, anything else I can do? I am going to lower it by about 1.5 inches, will that help? Money is limited, so take that into consideration, I can't afford a nice Brabus body kit. Im in highschool.... and whatever money I get comes from fixing people's computers on the weekends.... Thanks!*/ I had posted that in ther performance area, and was told to post here. So there you guys go. I was told it might be the shocks... my car has 105k miles on it... think its time to get new ones? My car doesn't exhibit any other "problems", it still feels like a tank at normal speeds in a straight line... and when I throw it into turns... its as quick as a cat...
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