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I agree with you ymsin... its better to be safe than sorry... but yea... ill call up my mech tomorrow... and see about getting the bushings checked... it just occured to me that it also might be my tires. They are some michelin H rated that my dad put on. They have horrid traction, I can do a tail-slide just about anywhere... which is very bad for those early mornings when im trying to go to school.... Oh yea... I almost forgot... how urgent is it that I get these things fixed... or at least looked at... I can refrain from going fast for a while. I just got my back window assay fixed and it cost $250!! So... im a little low on car repair funds right now... unless of course its a life threatining thing... in which case my parents would cover it... but yea... they are already hating you guys for giving me ideas on ways to fix up the benz :-) thanks!

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