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Dan/Gilly, thanks very much for your help. I did in fact split the gasket/seal by improper torque when I did the original change. This a.m. I crawled back under the car (what's a lift?) and got the pan back off. I was happy when I saw the split in the seal but not real happy when I saw pretty large pieces of ?cardboard? in the bottom of the pan. It's only been three weeks since I had the pan off previously so I guess some major work and expense might be ahead. Anyway, I got everything back together and after some drops here and drops there I had her buttoned up pretty well I skipped the torque converter drain because the rain which was falling was running down the drains and right onto me as I was laying under the car. By the time I was done it was raining so hard I was breathing through a straw to keep my head out of the water! I was a happy man when I saw no leaks under there! Thanks again for your time and info, Rainman
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