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No gas?? Wont keep running! HELP!


Here's the story 1990 300CE M104 engine 180K miles.

Car was running great then while driving started running really rough then died. Had it towed home. I will run for a little while 10-15min then stall out, with out being able to restart. I have spark, I can hear the fuel pump buzz before it starts. If I pour gas into the intake it will start again and run for a while. I cracked open the fuel line at the fuel distributor and its under pressure and apears ok, fuel present. It definately appears to be fuel related. I put in some dry gas and fuel injector cleaner.

I am at a total stump. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Just sold em all !! Curently driving a, 06.5 VW GTI

90' 300CE
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