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1994 E320 Coupe Questions:

If I don't buy the E500 I'm looking at, this is my next choice. I found 1 at the local Lexus dealer and went to go look.

I test drove a 1994 E320 coupe, 70K, asking $21,995 at the Lexus dealership. There are a few questions I have.

1) The idle was rough. Tach was just above 500rpm's. If I touched the gas pedal (to about 750 rmp's) it was smooth. What's the problem here? I tried a search. Looks like poss. vacuum leak?

2) The outside air temp was barely visable and then would disappear completely, then look normal. Also tried a search, but didn't come up with anything.

Other than that it was a real nice, clean car.


1994 E420, Pearl Black/Black. 2.82 rear diff., AMG front spoiler, painted lower half. SOLD

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