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Mike Stone
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Lightbulb Data Files on MB's available to Download

I have picked over a period of time some files that might be of use to others.

They cover some of the details of MB's that are not allways easy to find when you want them.

For instance what Engine Type was Fitted into what Model of MB. Option No's etc.

Hope the following are of use to you.

Mike Stone


Gives a large range of MB details on Model, Years, Chassis Prefix (First 6 Digits) and Engine Prefix (First 6 Digits

Ever wondered what exactly acronyms like ESP and ASSYST mean. Many more at this address. Descriptions of Options.doc

A full list of option MB Numbers for the 2001 E Class USA. ( Some apply to earlier years also). Numbers for 2001 Mercedes-Benz E-Class USA.doc

List of MB option numbers in sequence.

Go to these addresses for a pretty full list of MB Service Bulletin 1996 -2001

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