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Re: 89 300SE hesitation

Originally posted by Boatguy789
My wife just purchased a 89 300SE w/147k miles. Accelerator pedal seems stiff, is there a lubrication procedure/point for the linkage. Also, when accelerating from a stop it seems to hesitate. Any ideas?
The pedal is naturally stiff, unless its the late model where they advanced from the K-jet series you're currently on. You may lube it - but doubt if that would make much difference. The alternative is to insert ball-bearings at the end where the linkage pulls onto the K-jet - that would make it exceptionally smooth, so I was told as I have not modified our 300SE to this effect.

Accelerating from a stop - well, how much time does it hesitate? Its quite common for a second or so, but not longer than this. Imagine you're pulling a curb weight of (as someone said it in this forum) 3 light trucks put together. The 300SE will not give you a split response like a sportscar would. Its a luxury sedan that gives you power on the move. Be that as it may, our 300SE accelerates to 100 (from stop) within 10 seconds. Now, thats really pulling in the powerplant towards the firewall!
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