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wheel bolts torqued 5 lbs below spec. is that ok?

Ever time I remove a wheel, I make sure to torque it back on. Unfortunately my torque wrench only goes up to 75 ft lbs and I believe the spec. is 80. Will this 5 lbs. make a difference? I don't see me going out to buy another torque wrench just for 5 lbs. A couple of months ago I had my wheels rotated and balanced. The place I took it to cranked the living daylights out of the wheel bolts. I had to use a half inch drive breaker bar and my full weight to get the bolts loose. I knew there was no way in hell I was going to be able to get them loose while on the side of the road with tire iron. I discovered this while trying to remove a wheel to look at my front rotors.
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