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'89 300TE (M103) Intermittent Stall

I have read through most of the archives to see if I can't find some answers as well as simple tests to do to figure out my problem. I haven't been able to so I'm going to ask a few questions here for the group.

My '89 300TE (94K miles) with the M103 engine is having a stalling problem - starts up cold easily and may run til warm (may also not). Idle is normal and settles into 700-750 rpm range. Most of my stalling occurs when I'm off of the gas pedal and on the brake - coming to a stop light, turning the corner etc. This doesn't happen all the time but I've tried many things - put the car in Neutral (so that the rpm's increase) when coming to a stop - this has helped somewhat but the car can still die. The car drives like a dream whenever my foot is on the gas - on the highway, through town - just wonderful. Am getting around 20 mpg in city/highway driving.

Things that have been recently changed: cap, rotor, plug wires, spark plug, fuel filter, engine oil, air filter. So now to a few of my questions.
1. I do NOT get any voltage across the OVP (10A fuse) when the car is running - nothing, zilch, nada. The fuse is good - tried 3 different fuses all the same. Does this point to the OVP right off the back?
2. I've read that installing a 470Amp resistor on the temp sensor can help because the car is fooled into thinking that the car is still warming up. The car had this resistor in place but I've removed it - no change. Has anyone else tried the 470 Amp resistor?
3. After stalling - I can still hear the fuel pump for around a second so I don't think that is why the engine died. Therefore I am discounting that it is the fuel pump relay.
4. I've read that it might be the flywheel position sensor - I havne't checked this but wouldn't that make my car drive funny on the highway then?
5. O2 sensor seems to be working fine - don't know if it the original or not - may change it just in case but don't want to spend the money if I don't have to.

Any suggestions - please help - it's a wonderful car and I'd like to keep it but can't have my wife and newborn in the car if it stalls whenever.

Mike Burger
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