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It ended up being the starter. Upon inspection, the case had come apart. Getting the bolts which hold the starter to the bell housing out was the most difficult part. You need a three foot socket extention with a universal joint to get the top bolt out. I actually used several smaller extentions pieced together to reach it. You have to get under the car and behind the transmission and feed up the socket and extention over the transmission. I unpluged the starter lock out switch at the transmission and moved it to the side to get a better view up at the socket. Then, I was able to have a hand on the extension and the other up on the bolt to feel the socket go on the bolt (17mm). It took a pretty good sized breaker bar to get the bolt to release. Bottom bolt came out with a 17mm box wrench. Turn the wheels to the right to get enogh room to remove the starter.
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