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Thanks for the info. After reviewing the previous owner's service records, I think you might be right. Two years and 30,000 miles ago, the previous owner changed the shock absorbers. Shortly thereafter he took it in to have the front suspension check, I guess it was vibrating. The mechanic thought that it was belt separation?-- due to bad shocks? He had the front tires replaced. When I took it in for a for a pre-purchase inspection, everything checked out except the gearbox, which at the time they thought it only needed to be adjusted.

A few months ago, I did have the steering gearbox adjusted a few months ago by the dealer. It really did not help much. My problem starts about 60 mph when the car seems to be "blown about". On a day when there is a small amount of wind, the car seems as it is floating left and right-not the most comforting feeling. The instability is more lateral than fore/aft. I thought that it was more steering... Sometimes when I drive over bumpy roads, (20 mph) I hear a small "squeak" when the vehicle hits a bump. It seems to come from the passenger's side front tire area. Could this be the cause of my problem?

The car has a delayed response in turning. Although, I have not checked the input and output shafts--I will do that soon. During extreme turning positions (U turns, roundabouts, ect) I can feel the "excessive play at the left and right 'full' turn positions" The more I turn the wheel the less the car seems to turn. I rarely need to make utilize the full turn radius of my car... so this is not a concern for me.

After searching the archives I came across this Can't cure your loose wandering steering problem, read this! although my 190e 2.6 is a not exactly a 280 does it have of these?
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