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Help! I'm blonde and trying to fix this car! (fuel injector, I think)

Hi guys! Okay, I'll start by telling you I have a '75 450 se, fuel injected, gas engine. I need some terminology help. I have gas leaking from a rubber hose that appears to be going over the tip of one of the injectors, without being outside looking at it, i think it's "L" shaped. What is this exactly called and is it something that I can replace? Also, when I first start the car, the idle goes up and down in a rythmic pattern for about 3-5 minutes and then it will "catch" and idle fine. It only does this when it is in "Park". Today, I got impatient and put it in "Drive" before it "caught", and when in gear, it idles fine, put it back in park and it went back to up and down until it caught. Where do I need to look first?

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