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Hows this for going off on a tangent....

Our cars breath in a sort of reverse aquarium

It's funny how people think of vacuum or "suction"... The pistons don't really pull air in through the intake. It's the weight of the atmosphere *14.7* lbs\sq inch that pushes the air in to fill the non-air bubble or low pressure area. A Diesel will produce a small vacuum and it will build as RPMs increase, but as stated it is not enough to power things.

I always like to think of the benefits of a supercharger or turbo in this way. As the cylinders request more and more air in the same give time the atmosphere can't push it in through the intake plumbing fast enough. By the time the intake valve closes more air is depleted then can rush in. sort of like pushing allot of water through a small pipe or high amps through a thin cable.

Turbos can help to over come this... even if the pressure never exceeds the relative atmosphere, power builds as the cylinders fire twice as fast in the same time, yet can't get as much air as it could without the forced induction of air. Remember the equation work = weight moved over time.

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