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The saga continues....

Well, I had the new springs installed and I have a problem. The front end is way too high and the shocks are against their upper limits. My front end looks like a 4x4. My mechanic ordered a set because we thought there was a mixup. His springs did the same thing.
It turns out, we both ordered 123 321 36 04 springs (Lemforder equivalent) which should work on 123.130 and 123.133 models (I have a 123.130 Euro spec car). It turns out we also ordered our springs from the same shop that Fastlane uses.

All three sets of front springs (original + 2 sets of new) are the same height (within 0.5inches) and have the same wire diameter.

Has anyone out there had problems with front springs on the W123 being the wrong compression factor?

I should also mention that I chose 123 324 36 04 springs for the rear because they were more than 60% cheaper. MB officially calls for 123 324 35 04 for the rear. I doubt the spring mismatch would cause the front end to be so high, but I am open to any comments. HELP!

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