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my car came with a single chain and the other owner replaced it and put the master link on backwards I saw it who knows how they did it but let me tell you thats just one unbeliveable thing the other owner did to the car..

the other owner also bought about 5 feet of hose instead of replacing the monovalve..and Im going to find out what he did to the aux. fan today it runs all the time and the wires are cut.

the other owner also decided to change the rims to 15" in front and 16" in the back without changing any front or rear end parts to run proper..(the car came with 14" rims on it) needless to say I have all new front end parts and brake parts..etc.

cant find any service records for the car from 1985 to 1998 (when I bought the car) even called Mercedes and no records so he was a do it yourself flunkie or took it to a shop that had no clue how to fix Mercedes Benz and he had an earl shib paint job on it..

with all the money I have put into the car I wouldnt get rid of it Im glad I own this car!

benat (benz with an attitude)
1982 380 SEC
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