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Originally Posted by 97E300D View Post
Actually we would still....need turbos ( I think) It wouldn't matter it's all relative to the surrounding pressure.
That's a good one gota think about that one...

And we would be fighting to over come the increased air resistance. The drag Coefficient increases with the sq of speed. Four time the drag on a car doing 40 as doing 20 not twice as much.

But what the heck are we talking about.... Ha
It is all relative. There are two different ways of reading pressure in our atmosphere, absolute pressure and gauge pressure. Absolute pressure takes into account the pressure of the atmosphere. So if you said your turbocharged diesel was getting 25 psi at the intake, you'd be correct, in absolute pressure. Gauge pressure is pressure relative to the outside of the gauge. 99% of the time this means the difference between the pressure inside a system and the pressure outside, which is usually the atmosphere.

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