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ATTN: w124 wagon owners, need advice please

good afternoon,
today i looked at a '95 w124 wagon [starmarked]. it has almost 82k miles.

it is advertised as having e1 and e3 value packages. can anyone tell me what is in these packages??

the car is silver and the paint is starting to oxidize on the hood. can anything short of painting save it?

the car seems to be in pretty good shape. other than head gasket leaks, any idea of potential problem areas?

the service manual "couldn't" be found [i'll give benefit of doubt]
this car is at a dealer, who has 3 w124 wagons at the moment.

aren't all the books [service manual etc] required to starmark a car?

thoughts,insights, and opinions, please?

*92 400e 124.034, SOLD

*92 300e 124.030, SOLD
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