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Here are some items that I've replaced on my 300E (1986), which I don't believe appear on your list:

Rear wheel locator parts (thrust arms, etc. - the suspension links in the rear) - common cause of "floating 300E disease" and apparently a very common replacement item around 100K mileage.

Rear differential mounts.

Front struts and rear shocks (my choice - wasn't required - put on the Bilstein HDs and love the result)

Rear wheel bearings - supposedly not usually a problem, but they were on my car. Ugly noises....

Steering damper - cheap fix up front.

Rear axle (right side) - no kidding.

I've never been able to figure out why, on such a well-engineered car - MBZ thought it appropriate to locate the relay for the seat position controls so far at the back of the relay box against the firewall that it's nearly impossible to reach and replace.

Generally my baby moves like a dream - although it's nearly time to replace the tires. She just ran 1015 miles up and back to Eugene in a high speed assault (I worked a college football game there last weekend) and I got home with only minor personal aches and pains. A real compliment to my car, at my age. While I wish that the fuel mileage was a little better, there isn't much to complain about and I'm still complimented on the car by perfect strangers and women that I date. It's 16 years old!

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