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Mom likes the TD...

My 72 year old Mother is down for the Holidaze. We are still working and she is used to going and doing as she pleases....she got bored! She wanted to go out, run around, do some shopping, so I said here's the keys to the Impala. She said where are the keys to the wagon?? So I hooked her up and moved the GPS to the MB and showed how to use it...she like hi-tech stuff.

She was gone 4 hours! I was starting to worry and then she drives up. She drove 147 miles, just tooling around the Hill Country. She thinks the old wagon is and I quote "A pretty cool old ride, for a wagon!". She also said the car was just like works better when you kick it in the ass! (she's a tough ole broad) Tomorrow she wants to drive up towards Fredricksburg, shop and go see Enchanted Rock state park.

How do you tell your Mom you don't like other people driving your MB?? I just said, don't bring it back home empty....please. Now I know how she felt when I would borrow her car when I was a kid. Pay backs are hell.
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