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Originally Posted by chasinthesun View Post
I own an 84 190d ,the 4 cylinder runs great but the vacuum pump has long gone.When test driving it last week I kind of found this out by emergency needs,the guy selling it failed to let me know.Ive gotten use to breaking hard and can live with that for the mean time its the turning the car off that im trying to remedy .The line from the key to the IP has been guided via anothe rhose up to my console and when I need to shut it down i pull vacuum with my mity vac .Vacuum dosnt seem to happen except in very small amounts,the intake is were you can get it from a gasser.I was considering teeing into the line right before the windshield wiper reservior,that has to create vacuum ,how much is the question.The car performs well just looking for a cheaper fix for now.
I would be extremely hesitant to continue running that engine if the vac pump is/has died, they are driven by the timing chain and are notorious causes of sudden timing chain breakage failures, from the pumps coming apart when they fail, causing severe engine damage.

Forcedinduction, Not to worry my friend, that 616 engine with the plate had #1 rod sticking out the side when I got the car, so all that stuff is out now anyway. The 617 is happy in its new home.
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