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Fuel Pressure Damper

Ok everybody, I know that I probably get on your nerves but I'm about ready to pull my last couple of hairs out.
My 1980, 450SL still won't start after replacing about everything I can think of.: new fuel injectors, plugs and cables, cold start valve, distributor and cable from ignition module to distributor.
I installed the new fuel injectors today with new spark plugs and as I turned the ignition key, the car almost started for about 3 second and then it was all over again. When I took a couple of spark plugs out and checked them, there where pretty wet. I checked my timing as good as I could and it seems it is alright and so is the time when the injectors spray in the cylinders.
My little Benz run before and then it just suddenly quit after not being driven for about 4 weeks.
Is it possible that my Fuel Pressure Damper is gone bad ? because that's the only thing I haven't replaced jet.
Does anybody knows how this thing works?
The Bosch # on it is 0 280.161.007 .
When I blow thru the hole where the fuel line hooks up to, there is no resistant at that the way it's suppose to be? and what's the function of the vacuum hook-up on it.
Thanks for any input I get.
If I don't get this car started soon I my have to have a big yard sale.............LoL.

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