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Originally Posted by JimmyL View Post
seat cover:

BTW, I need a seat bottom cover myself for my 240D, and it has that rust colored interior, kind of a reddish brown. Below is a link for another seat cover auction. Does anybody know what that color is called? I'll try and link to a pic of the interior, but in pics it always looks way more red than it really is. Russian vin site called it "leather anthracite (137)", but it is MB-Tex of course.
I wanted to follow up on this thread that I landed up buying the seat cover from the ebay seller for $90. It is very good quality - as good as OEM in my opinion and considering the age difference the color was as close as I could have expected to match my existing ones. The only trick in installing it was I had to transplant the 6 foam strips in the seat ribs from the old seat cover into the new one (or make new ones from carpet padding). The new cover did not include these and no instructions were with it so the first time I installed it the cover was all puckered and oversized

I then emailed the seller and he informed me I had to put the foam in. He gave some excellent photos on how to do it which involved making a tool out of a piece of wire (like a straightened coat hanger) with a small hook on the end and looping a rubber band tightly around the end of the padding and using the hooked wire to snake it through the channel, like you snake wire through a conduit. Then you just pop off the rubber band.

Now, the second time around it looks fine and the color mismatch is really not that noticable...far less noticable than the rips and tears were in the old one for sure!
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