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Pretty much the same as any other 124 chassis car. There are very few problems unique to the wagon. Use the search to look up a few possibilities.

Some that come to mind are: broken plastic radiator neck, very difficult (read: expensive) water pump replacement, a/c evaporator leaks, etc. Check the tie rods for play - this car is about the right milage to require a tie rod or two.

Wagon unique problems: Make sure the hatch stays up on a cold day - the struts get tired over time. A '95 is probably too young to have this problem. Ditto with the suspension accumulators. Have the hydraulic fluid & filter for the suspension changed. Check the self leveling function by piling your entire family in the back of the car (it's fun!). On rare occasions the rearmost windows leak - check for signs of water in the wheelwells.

My '87 wagon with only 112K on it has had substantially more repair/replacement. Some of the suspension bushings have required replacement to cure unpleasant noises. As well the accumulators required replacement. These tend to go bad with age as well as milage, so you ought to be in OK shape there.

- Jim
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