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I can't help but recommend a buyers inspection at a MB dealership.
It may cost more than at your corner gas station, however we know
what to look for with each model and year.

On 2000-2002 W220 S classes, all those issues are very common.
There are factory DTB's for almost all of them.
A burned out air pump or suspension pump will set all kinds of dtc
faults. Those would have been caught on a Buyers inspection.

That car most likely got wholesaled to a cheezey dealer because it
had an owner that never had it serviced at the dealer.
We look for those issues and will fix them under warranty when
we look the cars over during a service.

That car probably blew through it's warranty before addressing anything.
After being traded in or off lease the dealership gave it a once over and saw all the needed repairs.
Off to the auction or wholesaler she went.

Buyer beware with late model MB's from non-MB dealers.
There are lot's of badly rebuilt Katrina cars hitting the market now.
Watch out.

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Think the dealer is expensive? Do you know how much it costs to train a dealer tech? Or buy the required MB special tools to have on hand?
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