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M.B. Doc:

Thanks for the parts info! And don't worry, I do not drive this car, just getting it fixed up for the road. Just replaced floor pan and all interior carpet, rear sway bar ends, fuel pump and filter,tie rod end, all brake pads, discs, rotors, and calipers, all of the fluids and filters, fuses, bulbs, etc. Cleaned and detailed a severely filthy engine and that's when we noticed the leaking injector hoses! I have driven it around the block a few times though! Thanks again! No more of that until this little fire hazard is fixed! I do have another question for you.....
From what I understand, the additional air valve is next to the idle adjustment. When I look at mine, being the non-mechanic, I see something that is bolted with 2 allen head type screws and has a hose about 5-6 inches long part#1160940091. Am I anywhere near the right area? Can you tell me a little about this additional air valve? Is it something that has to be adjusted or replaced? The hose that I just gave the number for is the only hose left that is cracked and I haven't been able to find it. I've checked Fastlane and Benzbin (who has generally had everything I need for a very reasonable price!) Any info is GREATLY appreciated!

P.S. On a stranger note, I can not figure out why this car, a euro model, has american headlights and bumpers!
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