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Ok Guys, it's been almost 3 weeks now and I have my verdict. I went with the Porterfields ( and it was the R4-S model. So far I am happy. My brake dust is almost none existent, I have intentionally not washed the car just to monitor the brake dust build up and I'm pretty impressed. Close up on the wheels you will see some dust but it is very very light.
The brakes took about 2-3 days of normal driving to fully settle in and since then it's been stopping on a dime. For the first week I could also hear a very light squeal but that went away.
I ended up only changing the front pads because the rear factory ones looked like they were put in yesterday - no wear on them at all.
While I've got you guys here I'll ask this question which I will also post in Wheels and tires - my tires have about 15,000 miles on them, the fronts still look very new but the rears almost have all the middle patch of rubber scrubbed off. When I had the wheels and tires installed the resultant figures from the alignment were very near factory settings. Does this mean my toe figures are wrong, I know the camber issue makes tires wear on the inside and I don't have that problem?

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