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Add my car to the ranks of 500E's with ASR problem

Add my car to the ranks of 500E's with the ASR light problem. The day before my '92 car was due in for service (108.5K miles - oil change and the usual assortment of little stuff), the ASR light came on and the car went into "limp home" mode while I was cruising down the freeway in cool weather. It was quite a surprise! I pulled over, and after I realized the car wasn't going to stall, and that there was still some throttle response left if I pushed hard enough, I drove home and then straight to my dealer, MB of South Bay in Torrance. I was reassured to note that there were THREE 500E's at the dealer that day - mine and two others. Had it not been Guido's day off, there would have been FOUR.

I got the car back in a week (it was a LARGE assortment of little stuff), but the ASR problem still remains. The first diagnosis was a loose connector that was replugged. Total line item cost $28.56. Description reads: "Code for fault in EZL DTC 032. Found connector loose at EZL. Not fully plugged in - reconnect. No current fault." The car kicked into "limp home" mode the first time I got back on the freeway. It has reset itself to normal each time when I shut it off. I haven't had the occasion to find how short a duration of off-time is needed to reset it - so far a half-hour has been the shortest interval.

So - does anyone know what the fault code means? Judging from the dialog in this thread, I suspect a fault in the upper wiring harness and maybe also the Throttle Body Actuator. Any comments on the best way to proceed? I want to make sure I'm in good shape before Willow Springs at the end of the month!
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