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Black, I should have specified I do not have an MB, I am in the research / entertaining stage of my purchase. I have narrowed it down to an M103 equiped W124. That is why all the questions. I have posted lots of questions, continue reading the archives ( I am on pg 15 of about 50+ on my M103 search ). I am reading a little each day...lots of info

I don't want to get into a "this is better or that is cheaper" issue, but if you compare apples to apples (stock Chevy rebuild vs stock MB rebuild) that is what you pay on the Chevy ($400-$500 parts and $400-$500 machine shop) or buy a Chevy 4 bolt main 350 crate engine w/ 36Kmile / 36 mth warranty from Chevy for $1300. VS. ? on the MB ( I think $5K is what I heard, but am trying to confirm). I know a Chevy is not in the same category .

You have a point on the #'s matching issue. I definitly know it is not a collector car but, I guess I am just used to "original". I pull back my comment on the #'s issue. The MB rebuilt engine sounds better! How much?

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