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More fuel injector confusion!

First of all, thanks M.B. Doc for all your help on my leaky injector hoses. Now, for the confusing part. Removed the injector with the leaky hose. Took it to my local MB specilaist (who also carries parts) just to make sure I was getting the right hose,clamps,etc. He looks at it and asks what it came out of. I tell him a '75 450SE. He says "impossible". I say "What do you mean impossible, I just took it out 30 minutes ago!" He says because it's color coded yellow and that's for a 3.5 liter engine. A 450's injectors should be blue. All of mine are yellow and Yes, they are in my 450SE. I looked up the part # of the yellow ones and they are out of a '71 300SEL. The MB specialist says they are definately original because of the metal, bowl looking heat shields that are on them. He said to look at my engine # plate on the driver's side of the block, but so far, I haven't found it. If these were original to the car, and they are out of a 3.5 liter, why are they in my 450 and what is this causing performance wise? What is the difference between blue and yellow injectors? This is so wierd! All I know about my car is, it belonged to a little old lady, she is the original owner, had it shipped from germany in '75 and it has 98,000 miles!
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