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Brake pedal travel '86 300E

Greetings All,

Still trying to get everything fixed on the wifes '86 300E. One issue was the rear brake disc as well as pads, the front were new all the way around. After putting on new disc and brakes there still seems to be quite a bit of brake pedal movement before engaging the brakes. I like the way the brakes react on my old '80 300TD. Do you think bleeding the master cyclinder as well as the front brakes will bring the pedal up where it seems comfortable for braking action? Any experience you've had concerning this issue, please chime in to relate this. I'd just like a firm braking acion on this car for her like I have on my Diesel. Of course after driving her gas powered vehicle, I am almost tempted to trade her rides, her's rides smoother and handles better than the ole wagon does.

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