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Go to the "good shops" section of this forum and click on California for good shops" in your area, for starters the used Benz dealer in Los Gatos (********) has good mechanics forf their cars, so says Troy "LUVLAW" a poster here.

Be VERY careful about aftermarket warranties, look out for the exclusions, you can be burned, there are MANY warranty companies arouond and lots of them go broke, come and go, just choose with care and read the thing before you get one.

Owners manuals can be gotten from the dealer, ebay or sometimes junkyard.
Push the dealer HARD for the stamped maintenance booklet (if they come separately from from the owner's manual) This would be the booklet with the MB dealer's stamp with mileage and tech signature and shop or dealer name, stamped for the services, oil changes, radiator fluid and brake flush stamps in it. This is important, it is the only chance you will have to get it, or it will be lost forever. It's important, as it is the record of the car's service, and will increase resale value, not to mention that you can any time go see the dealer or shop that serviced the car and stamped the booklet, and ask them about the car they might remember it, and if you are lucky, might give you copies of the actual servidce records (this did for me, I was able to recreate the paper trail of work done to the car since almost new, a couple of times)

And welcome here, by the way, this site is a great resource. OT forum is interesting and fun also
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