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Well I will post the turn-out as I usually do.
My entire console, from the shift panel wood all the way up to the center vents were disassembled tonight. While I was in there, I got other things fixed too!

1. When I finally got the center vent assembly out... I realized that fixing the problem would be a real pain because everything is basically sealed! There was one small whole where I could shine the flashlight in and BARELY make out a plastic peice that was not in place. I slipped a paperclip in there and got the peice (don't ask how) connected back to the flap. It's not perfect... the adjusting knob is loose, but for the most part functional again like before. I pondered buying a new unit... but I made a quick call to Phil, but @ $91, it just didn't seem to be enough bang for the buck!

2. About a year ago, a HUGE coke was spilled onto my center console while camping. No adverse affects resulted of it though. Except the right rear window switch sticks in place when pushed, and has for the past year. Well I decided to take the switch out and clean it in the kitchen. OH MY GOSH... could they make a little switch more intricate. I popped the switch off and and little metal peices sprung everywhere! I then wiped down all of the contacts... and proceeded to put back the many peices (45 min of tedious work [mostly trial and error] later...) which included 2 ball bearings (?), 2 tiny springs and 2 tiny cylinder things.

3. My ash-tray has NEVER opened properly. Ever since I got the car, you have had to push it 3 or 4 times for it to open... and then it opened so slowly (no force). Well it was a real bltch taking apart! But I got the plastic peices back in alignment and adjusted the tension springs so that it would actually open with force as it's supposed to (again the assembly was VERY intricate!)

So that included the grunt of my night. I believe I have now disassembled every part of my car (excluding engine). In the 14 months I've had the car, I know how to take off or remove any interior (or trunk) part.

Anyways, thanks for the help G-Benz and MBenz on this topic. BTW, the radio keys only cost 90 cents!

( I wish I could have taken pictures of the process... )
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