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The previous owner of my 400 changed the oil every 3,000 kilometers (or about 1,900 miles)! I use Mobil 1 and change it at 4,000 mile intervals. Same as the ML…

David: You make a valid point about the effect of used oil on the environment. Larry B in part refutes that. Even so, in the broader issue, you are entirely correct. Used oil does have a negative impact on the environment. But so do the 300 + million vehicles in America, the billions of gallons of fuel burnt, and permitted to evaporate into the air, and everything else that goes to maintaining a culture, down to the methane created by organic waste of every type.

The sad but true fact is that even by the most diligent of individual efforts little difference will be made in any measurable way. Unless we as a culture decide to forego with a whole lot of “conveniences” that we consider to be “necessities” that a few more or less gallons of oil, or even a few million more or les gallons of oil will make little if any difference.

As example, someone that lives in a cold part of the planet, will use more fuel and waste more energy heating their house per winter than you and I and many of our best friends will ever use changing engine oil. Should those folks move because they are wasting energy? Sure. If they did, would it make a difference? Absolutely! Will they? Not a chance.

Right or wrong, in our culture, and most of the world over there is a thing called economic determinism: Generally that means, if you can afford it, you do it. Without remorse.

So while you are entirely correct that frequent oil changes are wasteful and hurtful for the ecology, it does not even amount to a drop in the proverbial bucket of the waste that takes place. Yes you should and have to start someplace to help our planet, but doing so in a half thought out way is nothing but functionally useless symbolism.

I wish it weren’t so. Sigh…..

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