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Is there such things as a quality dark wax.

I have a black car. It has many less than pin size nicks and scratches (the large paint chips are reparied). I normally use Mcguire wax product on my cars. On this vehical when I used Mcguire cleaner/wax I notice that if I don't polish carefully I can leave a lot of white marks on the vehical that does not come off easily.

I was thinking if only this wax is dark color it will solve my pin size nicks/scratchs.

I know there are color waxes, out there. I have the one madel by turtle. But that is not a quality hard wax. It just seem that they rub right off exposing the nicks and scratches.

Any recomendations. I have seen a 3M wax lable for dark cars. But beyond just reading the lable I know nothing about it.

Any help would be nice.


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