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Bosch KE-II or III?

Still messing aroung with the lambda on my 86 300E 5 sp. I want to confirm if Terminal 3 on the diagnostic block is the correct palce to test the O2 Sensor and to check what voltage/duty cycle should be taken from it. I live in the Denver area at about 6000ft. with blended fuels. This a.m. we had a 30 degree morning and I went to see how the car would handle a cold start. It went to 1400 rpm or so, and then immediatley began cycling back and forth, between 900rpm and 1400rpm for about 3 minutes. I began driving in the neighborhood, (80C) I would stop and check it again. It would go to spec(650 or so, steady) Another couple miles, stop, then check and it rises to 1300 steady. Damned annoying! Any help or advice, not previously talked about, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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