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thats a really good question, I personally don't think colored waxes are very effective for serious detailers, I would guess really high quality wax buffs to a clear hard coating for ideal performance.

My experience has been that Griots Garage and P21 Carnuba paste wax don't dry and leave white chalky residue as much as Meguiar's paste wax. When I use Zaino I also don't get residue. I am starting to investigate and like Liquid Glass because it seems to offer everything Zaino does but much simpler.

A damp cloth and some liquid quick detailer is recommended for hitting white residue, but for me it seems the residue dosen't seem to appear until a couple of days after I wax.

On my black car and because of the way I drive and where i live stone chips are common - I look at them as a badge of honor, touch up paint sometimes and sometimes I won't bother to use touch up but rather keep everything well waxed to never worry about corrosion.
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