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Originally Posted by suginami View Post
I have attended many detailing classes held at Meguiar's head office in Irvine, California.

They have a test panel, painted black, where products are tested to see how they add gloss or deepen the color of the paint.

When they came up with NXT tech wax, we compared that with Gold Class, the cleaner wax in the red bottle, and several competitors products.

The test was a blind test.

The results were amazing and nearly unanimous.

Meguiar's NXT tech wax made the black paint deeper, darker, and glossier than any other product.

Meguiar's Gold class was a close second, but still some people liked the Gold class over the NXT.

None of the competitors products came close, and I won't mention their names.

So, for black paint, there is no product that I would better recommend than Meguiar's NXT tech wax.

Also, since it is a polymer product, it wipes off incredibly easy - easier than any carnuba product you have ever used.

Further, polymer products provide significantly better protection than a carnuba wax.

Last, if you ever have trouble removing wax, you have committed one of two mistakes (or both):

You applied the product in the sun or when the surface was still too hot.

and / or

You applied too much product. Remember that thinner is better. You want to apply a very thin coat. If you apply too much, you are basically waxing your wax, not waxing your paint.


theirs much more than several other waxes out there.

I like Diamond shine/flitz stuff.
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