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Yes there is but I am pretty sure it does not catalog by default code.

Here is what you can do since you have already paid for diagnostic time of the tech to plug in his HHT to get the code and put it on your invoice. Call the Service Manager and asks him to convert 032 to english. Then use that to query the 124-036 CD search engine.

I think he will tell you that it is the idle speed actuator which is a pig tail thigamajiggy under the drivers side floor rug plugged in to an outlet near the throttle pedal. I had three codes read on my problem. The first one was the idle speed actuator. It is a $41.00 part that very rarely goes. I replaced it and it did not clear the original code because IMHO the pot under the hood was kicking it on because the idle speed dropped because it was not getting enough air flow.

If the harness has deteriated inside the outer wrap, you would not see it upon visual inspection. The dealer would have to take it apart to find out. What they usually do is remove it and put it in another like vehicle that does not have any known problems and see if it develops the same symtoms as the vehicle it was removed from. If it does, then it is definately the harness. The reason that I do not recommend that you follow that procedure is you will still need someone to "clear the codes that the bad harness created in the ASR computer. If you can borrow a good harness and install on your car then ask the dealer to clear your codes, you will have a starting point. Once the codes are cleared and your are back to square one, take it up on the freeway and "slap the monkey" hard. (Step on the gas pedal too;^)

If no ASR light comes on, it is the harness. If it does come on, it is definately the air flow meter and that one will cost you. You should be able to intimidate the MBNA rep for the harness but with a buck eight on the clock of that 9-10 year old, he will be less inclined to be liberal with a freebie.

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