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Greetings Larry,

I guess I wasn't imagining the ride as well as the power of the 300E verses the 300TD. I miss the clatter of the engine when driving my wife's car though, to quiet to even notice it's running. I really like my diesel most when I raise the hood of each and want to start working on one or the other, I prefer mine. I changed out her water pump last week, and I am sure someone from Ford designed the location and acessability for it.
At any rate, the brake pedal feels the same distance wise as it did before I did the rear brakes and rotors. Even though I got the pistons retracted without bleeding the system I did bleed the rear after the job. I guess I'll go back and do the front as well as the master cylinder. There's absolutely no leakage at all on the system, and even the master cylinder looks like new with no stains or fluid marks on it. I'm not saying that the pedal feels spongy like there's air trapped in the system, but it seems that your foot travels further and then all of a sudden the brakes are applying. The 300TD lets you feel the pressure as it's being applied to the braking system, even before the brakes actually take hold. Maybe it has something to do with the ABS system on this 300E that the 300TD doesn't have that makes this system feel differently. I do know that the front pads on the 300E sure don't shed dust like the ones on the 300TD do. Maybe I'll put some textars on it next as well.

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