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Off topic but I'm sure you know

Greetings Larry,

My wife says a man that owns a diesel enjoys the sound so much because it always sounds like it's falling apart, and they enjoy the fact that it's perfectly natural, plus it drowns out the sound of them talking to us while on the road. Hadn't thought about that, but it's a good excuse for not hearing something we don't want to.

Oh well, my question to you not related to this post at all is that I lost heat in the diesel today. All vent movements seem to be o.k. but no coolant coming up to the core and the center vents push out air as well, (not suppose to when in the heating mode) I hate to think the controller under the hood is bad, but then again maybe it's the interior control panel. Haven't really studied the book on this one, but isn't the outside controller vac operated?
Any help would be great as usual.

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